The House Robots

Matching pennies tournaments between expert players would not be very interesting to spectators - the players would appear to be playing randomly.

What makes this kind of tournament interesting is the house robots - and how rapidly and reliably they can be identified and exploited.

We plan to use the house robots to produce a range of general purpose predictions problems to the agents - in order to stimulate the production of general-purpose prediction - rather than have them specialise too much on a single narrow problem.

Another purpose of the house robots is to reduce the chances of cycles arising - cases where A beats B, B beats C and C beats A. Such cycles seem less likely to arise if A, B and C are competing together in a large tournament.

House Robots in the tournaments

Information about exactly which house robots will appear in the tournament is not available in advance, but contestants can be sure that there will be a considerable range of dumb robots in the field to exploit.

Agent source code

The source code for some of the existing agents is here.

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